Trending Housing Projects in Pakistan 2023

Pakistan is a country with abundant resources and a wide range of investment opportunities. The real estate industry has changed recently, which can be linked to both the growing population and the increased need for housing. Numerous societies have lately been established, but it is unknown whether these societies offer all of the fundamental services and necessities that the occupants and residents require. Given the number of Housing Projects that have been created, the popularity and interest of investors in the housing project is the true challenge for the developers.

Most buyers are looking for properties with the following qualities: ideal location, comfort, best infrastructure, manageable payment schedule, good master plan, and modern lifestyle. Real estate investments are wise choices to make. If you are purchasing a home in a reputable community that is legal and offers decent returns on investment, there is a good chance that you won’t think twice about making an investment. However, it is currently very challenging to find a society with all the amenities.

For the benefit of our readers, we have listed a few of the Housing Projects offering the greatest investment options to potential buyers. These housing projects are in trend and are gaining popularity with each passing day. 

Some of them have been mentioned below

Blue World City Islamabad

Picture of Blue World City Islamabad-Smart line marketing

Due to its exceptional features and amenities, Blue World City Islamabad continues to be the best. It is one of the most advanced housing societies, offering amenities up to par with those found elsewhere in the world.

In Pakistan, there are numerous Housing Projects, but blue World City has become notable because it is situated on the grounds of the twin cities. The builders are The Blue World Group of Companies, which are renowned for constructing huge home developments. Due to the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s NOC permission, this society received a lot of favourable feedback from investors.

The location of this housing development is one of its most notable features. The M2 road, the Ring Road Rawalpindi, and the Islamabad International Airport are all nearby, as is the Chakri junction. The development work that has been done in the Blue World City Islamabad since 2022 is progressing at a very rapid rate. The main entrance on Central Boulevard is taking shape as construction work and development are now under progress.

In a recent meeting, the Chinese apartment developers, Mr. Chang, and the owner of the blue World City Islamabad, Mr. Saad Nazeer, decided to begin the development work for apartments. All of this demonstrates how quickly things are changing in the blue World City. That blue World City Islamabad is one of the greatest possibilities to invest in since investors will be interested in investing in a society where construction activity is ongoing.

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payment plan of OVERSEAS BLOCK Blue World City Islamabad


WATER FRONT DISTRICT Blue World City Islamabad-smart line marketing


AWAMI BLOCK Blue World City Islamabad-smart line marketing


SPORTS VALLEY Blue World City Islamabad-smart line marketing

New Metro city Gujar khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan-Smart line marketing

The new Metro city Gujar khan is another city that is gaining importance with each passing day. The new Metro city Gujar khan’s popularity is increasing due to the advantages it is providing for investors. The project’s developers, BSM, are combining their years of experience and arduous labour to create the greatest society for the area’s citizens. BSM is not a new development company.

The ideal payment plan and cost-effectiveness are what the developers are offering the locals. Parks, play areas for children, green spaces, and public spaces have all been allocated to the neighbourhood for the residents’ amusement.

The owners of this society are well-known, and Mr. Bilal Malik is the grandson of Malik Riaz, a business mogul who rose to fame across the country with amazing creations like Bahria Town. This Housing Society is being built and developed at a rapid rate as well. The housing development offers residential plots in a range of sizes, including 5, 7, 10 Marla, and 1-kanal plots.

The new Metro city Gujar khan that is one of Pakistan’s trending societies, has opened its doors. It is because society has high expectations for the returns on its investments. Not only this, but now the housing society is providing a great instalment plan which is very much affordable in nature. We can easily say that the new Metro Gujar khan is one of the most trending societies in Pakistan.

7 Wonders City

Picture of 7 Wonders City-smart line marketing

Islamabad’s 7 Wonders City is attracting attention because it is erecting replicas of the 7 wonders rather than because it is in a prime location or meets international standards. Also, this luxury housing development comes with all the amenities and facilities that have been carefully chosen to raise the living standards of its future residents. To accommodate a wide range of customers’ preferences and financial constraints, the project offers residential plots with sizes ranging from five marlas to one kanal. This apartment development is next to the M-14 Hakla D.I. Khan Motorway, making it very accessible to the city’s major attractions.

 All seven of the world’s wonders were built as part of the residential complex known as the 7 Wonders City. It is close to the CPEC road and a gated community. Also, this civilization spans 2000 acres of land. Since the project has received a NOC, investing in it is entirely safe.

One of the best-located housing developments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is 7 Wonders City Islamabad, which holds a premium location. The creation of replicas of the seven wonders is this housing project’s most distinguishing characteristic. A sizable portion of land has been set aside by the developers just for the construction of these replicas.

The developers have formally unveiled society’s grand design. This housing complex was strategically planned by the owners to be similar to Karachi, where there was a distinct residential and industrial area. The housing development will work to give society’s residents a fresh, safe environment. We can easily say that the Seven Wonder City is one of the most trending societies in Pakistan. Hers’s the payment plan that Smart Line Marketing is offering


7 Wonders City-smart line marketing


Plot sizeTotal prizeBookingConfirmation40 Monthly Instalments8 Bi-Annual InstalmentsPossession

Faisal Hills

Faisal Hills Islamabad-Smart line marketing

Faisal Hills is a modern and luxurious housing society located in Taxila, near Islamabad, Pakistan. Developed by Zedem International, one of the most reputable names in the real estate industry in Pakistan, Faisal Hills offers a wide range of residential and commercial plots, as well as luxurious villas and apartments equipped with modern facilities and amenities. The society is spread over an area of approximately 5,000 Kanals and is designed to provide residents with a comfortable and secure living environment equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. The society boasts of a range of amenities such as parks, playgrounds, community centres, mosques, shopping centres, and a state-of-the-art healthcare facility.

Overall, Faisal Hills Islamabad is a well-planned and well-developed housing society that offers a comfortable and luxurious living environment equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Its prime location and commitment to quality make it an ideal place to live for families and individuals who are looking for a peaceful and convenient living environment in Islamabad. Faisal Hills is situated in a scenic location surrounded by lush green hills, providing residents with a peaceful and serene living environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The society is designed to provide residents with all the necessary amenities and facilities, making it an ideal place to live for families and individuals who are looking for a comfortable and secure living environment in Islamabad.

We can easily say that the Faisal Hills is one of the most trending societies in Pakistan.

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From the discussion above, it is clear that the housing societies that are popular in Pakistan include Blue World City Islamabad, New Metro Gujar Khan, Faisal Hills, and Seven Wonders City Karachi. These nations are regarded as secure places to put money in the future because they have a bright future. These housing projects are being developed quickly, which indicates that they will be finished on schedule in the future.

The residents can have high hopes for them as the societies are providing good payment plans. Smart Line Marketing recommends our clients invest in these trending societies to have better returns on investments and for a better living.

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