Top Eco-Friendly Housing Societies In Islamabad

Eco-friendly housing societies are those endeavours that have taken into account providing their people with a green and clean atmosphere. All new housing developments must leave enough green space for inhabitants, including parks, playgrounds, and green patches, in accordance with CDA standards.

Numerous cutting-edge architectural concepts are being used in new housing developments all around the city to improve the living conditions of their residents. Recently, CDA has also undertaken a number of eco-friendly projects, including the construction of bike lanes and awareness-raising walks. Additionally, CDA has mandated rainwater tanks for all new housing communities. Residential communities can become more environmentally friendly through well-planned infrastructure, public green spaces, clever garbage disposal, and other factors.

Let’s have a look at some of the eco-friendly initiatives of new housing schemes in Islamabad.

Healthy lifestyle

One of the best ways to make the environment green and clean in a housing scheme is to get residents educated on how to reduce waste and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Walking and bicycling are great alternatives to encourage, and residents can do so by getting habitual to it in the park near them.

Clean and Green Energy

The switch to clean energy is essential for new housing areas to become eco-friendly. Solar energy can improve lifestyle with less dependency on other sources of energy and it is also beneficial to cope with load shedding. 

Sewerage System

Instead of dumping waste only to end up in a landfill, disposal processes need to be better to make a place eco-friendly. Many new housing projects in Islamabad are providing a waste management system to their residents.

Green Public Spaces

Eco-friendly places also help residents achieve a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities and access to green resources. Public places, parks, and playgrounds near housing blocks provide an eco-friendly environment for residents. 

Water Storage

Water storage is also a feature of eco-friendly housing projects. Growing cities like Islamabad are at higher risk of water scarcity and climate threats, which requires better use of water resources. New housing schemes are working to have water storage in the forms of lakes, and dams within the boundary of the project.

Based on this classification we have picked the top eco-friendly housing societies in Islamabad

1-    Blue World City Islamabad:

Picture of Blue World City Islamabad-Smart line marketing

In Blue World City Islamabad, environmental protection is given first priority, creating a new standard for sustainable living. The housing development encourages harmony with nature while providing contemporary comforts thanks to its vast green spaces. Initiatives for water conservation, trash management, and energy-efficient infrastructure are all part of integrating eco-friendly practises. Residents can take advantage of a beautiful lake’s beauty, stroll through peaceful parks, and take in the revitalising atmosphere of a thoughtfully planned neighbourhood. The goal of Blue World City Islamabad is to protect the environment while promoting a greener, healthier, and more sustainable way of life for its citizens.

2-    Capital Smart City Islamabad

Picture of Capital Smart City Islamabad-Smart line marketing

Capital Smart City The introduction of the smart city concept, which is revolutionising the real estate market, is leading the way in Islamabad. The housing project takes pleasure in giving its residents an atmosphere that is environmentally friendly. It includes a variety of features and projects that are intended to encourage a greener lifestyle, with a focus on sustainability. Capital Smart City strives to establish a peaceful cohabitation with environment through its extensive green areas and parks, energy-efficient infrastructure, and waste management techniques. Residents can take use of features like a vacation park, an 18-hole golf course, and a crystal lake while being aware that their neighbourhood places a high value on environmental preservation. At Capital Smart City, where contemporary conveniences blend with sustainable practises, experience the future of environmentally responsible living.


picture of Faisal town ISLAMABAD-smart line marketing

The goal of Faisal Town Islamabad is to provide a green environment that encourages sustainable living. The home plan includes green areas and parks so that occupants can get close to nature and enjoy a calm environment. Faisal Town places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency in its infrastructure and uses eco-friendly procedures to reduce its negative environmental effects. Additionally, the neighbourhood supports programmes for recycling and garbage management, which helps to create a cleaner and greener environment. Faisal Town Islamabad provides its people with a seamless fusion of contemporary conveniences and eco-friendly living with a focus on sustainability.


picture of Kingdom valley Islamabad--smart line marketing

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is committed to promoting an environmentally friendly atmosphere and adopting sustainable living techniques. The home development has vast green areas and well maintained gardens, which give residents access to a tranquil and rejuvenating environment. Kingdom Valley prioritises eco-friendly technologies and energy-efficient infrastructure to lower its carbon impact. In order to promote environmental sustainability, the community also places a strong emphasis on waste management practises and water conservation. With a significant focus on environmental responsibility, Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides people a truly sustainable and fulfilling way of life through a thoughtful fusion of modern conveniences and natural beauty.


Living in an eco-friendly housing scheme can improve your health and put money back in your wallet. Living near green places can lower the risks of diseases, and dwellers embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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