Affordable Plots for sale in twin cities

When a family is looking for a plot or home, sometimes they cannot find something within the budget. However, there are always other choices available, such as buying land or a house plot in a less expensive area. In a number of brand-new housing societies in Islamabad, you can purchase affordable plots.

With the rising cost of building, everyone wants to build a house after purchasing Affordable Plots, therefore buyers don’t want to invest any more money in the land. due to the fact that if they purchased a pricey site, there would be less money available to build the home. People are looking to purchase inexpensive plots in Islamabad because of this.

Plots are also purchased as investments, and if you purchase an expensive plot, your odds of seeing a significant price gain over time are reduced. However, if you purchase Affordable Plots in Islamabad’s less developed areas, it is a given that the cost will rise over time once the housing society has been fully developed and allotters have received their possession.

Best area to Buy Affordable Plots?

One of the best investments you can make is purchasing a piece of land or a plot. Regardless of when you construct, it will always be valuable. On the contrary, it will always be worth more than it costs. In recent years, the real estate market in Islamabad has been overrun by the abundance of residential plots available. Due to its residential attractions, road connectivity, and high-quality infrastructure, the neighbourhood surrounding Islamabad International Airport is the one that is expanding the fastest. Currently, there are many homes available to buy at reasonable costs in this area.

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This is the reason why more people are making investments in brand-new housing developments outside of cities, where Affordable Plots are now available in instalments. Due to the difficulty of purchasing real estate in the city’s centre, people are also purchasing inexpensive plots of land on the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Prices in CDA sections are higher, and you can get more land in a new housing society for the same money.

Affordable Plots in Twin cities

Buying plots becomes even cheaper when you can have them in instalments. You just have to pay 20% or 30% down payment and you can own Affordable Plots. The value of a piece of land depends almost entirely on its location, access, mobility, services, and the use that will be given to it. That is what you should look for when choosing a piece plot.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Affordable plots-low Cost Plot

Before purchasing Affordable Plots, you should think about the following:

  • The community or housing association has adequate access to public transport.
  • Every store and daily convenience are close by. Along with markets, this also refers to hospitals, educational institutions, and bus stops.
  • Water, gas, internet, and power are all available in the region.
  • People are interested in moving there because homes have already been built there.
  • Learn more about the nearby properties’ potential future development. Think about the housing society’s master plan, for instance.

For more details Contact Smart Line Marketing and book your plots in the housing societies mentioned below.


picture of Faisal town ISLAMABAD-smart line marketing

Faisal Town Islamabad is a high-quality residential and commercial project located near the Islamabad International Airport. The management group in charge of the Faisal Town Islamabad project has created and finished a number of upscale residential and business projects. Residents of Faisal Town Islamabad will have access to a variety of housing choices.

Modern constructions are known for being built by renowned real estate company ZEDEM International. Faisal Town is an architectural marvel that results from the infrastructure design combined with elegant building techniques. This ultra-modern standard residential society is situated against the captivating Margalla Hills, providing a picturesque setting and distinctive city vistas similar to Park View City Islamabad. Residents of Faisal Town (F-18) can take advantage of a full living experience that includes the most up-to-date facilitation methodologies, contemporary amenities, a luxurious lifestyle, and stunning views. Ample water supply is provided by rainwater collection, recirculation, and the building of overhead and underground reservoirs in Faisal Town (F-18), in addition to contemporary retail malls, sports and leisure venues, and underground electrical wiring. The housing society also has its own water filtration plant.

The instalments are simple to make and are spread out over 18 months. Faisal Town also provides a variety of facilities, such as a mall, classrooms, hospitals, parks, mosques, and metro bus services. Reputable developers with a track record of success in Islamabad are working on the initiative. Zedem International is the project’s creator. Both residential and business plots are available in the town. These parcels meet worldwide standards and come with all the necessary amenities. Hers’s the payment plan that Smart Line Marketing is offering


Payment plan of Faisal town ISLAMABAD-smart line marketing

4 Years Payment Plan Residential Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown PaymentReg. Fee17 Quarterly18th Instalments
5.5 Marla2,795,000595,00015,000120,000160,000  
8 Marla3,825,000725,00015,000170,000210,000  
10 Marla4,925,000845,00015,000225,000255,000  
14 Marla6,095,0001,125.00015,000275,000295,000  
01 Kanal8,055,0001,265,00015,000375,000415,000  

Multi Gardens B-17 ISLAMABAD

Picture of Multi Gardens B-17 ISLAMABAD-Smart line marketing

The progressive growth of membership motivated MPCHS to lunch the project of Multi Gardens Sector B-17. It is area wise the largest scheme of the Society with master piece layout planning. This sector is a gateway to Islamabad from up country including Afghanistan, Central Asia, and China through Margalla Avenue. The sector has in built modern amenities of a comfortable lifestyle.Multi Gardens is a housing society located in Sector B-17 of Islamabad, Pakistan. The society is developed by the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) and offers a range of residential and commercial properties.

The housing society is situated in a prime location in Islamabad and is easily accessible from various parts of the city. It is located near the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway and is also close to the New Islamabad International Airport. Multi Gardens offers a range of facilities to its residents, including a 24/7 security system, parks, schools, mosques, commercial areas, and healthcare facilities. The society is also equipped with modern amenities such as underground electrification, a sewerage system, and a water supply system. Overall, Multi Gardens is a well-planned and well-managed housing society that offers a comfortable and convenient lifestyle to its residents.


Multi Gardens Housing Society is divided into several blocks, with each block further divided into smaller sectors. Currently, there are several blocks developed within the society, including Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, Block E, Block F, Block G, and Block H.

Each block within the society offers a range of residential and commercial properties, including plots, houses, apartments, and commercial shops. The blocks also offer a range of facilities and amenities, including parks, schools, mosques, and commercial areas.

Payment Plans Multi Gardens B-17 ISLAMABAD

Multi Garden B 17 Islamabad Smart Line Marketing
Multi Garden B 17 Islamabad Smart Line Marketing

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Picture of Capital Smart City Islamabad-Smart line marketing

One of the new residential developments is Capital Smart City Islamabad. The project is jointly owned by two renowned and powerful developers, Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and Future Developments Holding. It is an excellent project that has been regarded as the first in Pakistan and the fourth-best Smart City Project in Asia. With its exceptional features and most recent forecast, Capital Smart City Islamabad is expected to grow in Pakistan. It was built to retain a high level of life while being reasonably priced. They want to create a society that prioritises efficient urban planning, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability for all citizens. It is a cutting-edge initiative made while maintaining the environment in mind. Being the first smart city in Pakistan, Capital Smart City prides on providing its clients with the most practical and effective investment prospects by meeting all components of a contemporary housing society to international standards. The society’s owners, consultants, and builders that stand at the foundation of a thriving plan have come together to deliver a level of luxury and knowledge to this unique housing project. It also provides people with an opportunity to have high returns on investments. Hence people can easily invest without having second thoughts.

The instalment plan that this society is offering has different sized residential plots which include, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 mala and 1 kanal plots. Other than this the sizes for the commercial plots range are 4 marls, 8 Marla and 1 kanal which the society is offering. The plan for instalment is of 4 years which means that the people can easily afford to invest by providing basic payments.  Hers’s the payment plan that Smart Line Marketing is offering

PAYMENT PLAN Capital Smart City

Payment Plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad-smart line marketing

Blue World City Islamabad:

Picture of Blue World City Islamabad-Smart line marketing

The new housing development known as BWC Islamabad is located close to the Lhr-Isb, M2 on Chakri Highway. The BWC includes a number of urban amenities that meet international standards, as well as living replicas of famous locations that are well-known worldwide. This housing development has the potential to become a wonder in two of Pakistan’s biggest cities. The area where the housing complex is being built is close to both the CPEC project and the recently constructed airport in Islamabad. Due to its location, BWC has very little access to the nation’s capital, its locations, and Pakistan as a whole.

BWC is not only at a handy location, but it is also the closest new housing society being built near the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. a preferred location for capital city homebuyers. This condominium has a lot of potential for fantastic returns on investment in the future due to its strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Unquestionably, Blue World City Islamabad is the answer because it offers the greatest payment options. The company was especially developed to integrate all of the BWC classes into one. Because of this, it has become a well-liked location for Pakistani investors seeking affordable investments, both domestically and abroad. In addition to all of BWC’s excellent characteristics, it is important to note that BWC’s pricing is among the most reasonable and accessible. The costs in this magnificent society are relatively inexpensive, in contrast to the exorbitant prices of housing societies that exist near BWC. 

Hers’s the payment plan that Smart Line Marketing is offering


payment plan of OVERSEAS BLOCK Blue World City Islamabad

·       Affordable Plots-WATER FRONT DISTRICT Blue World City Islamabad

Payment plan of WATER FRONT DISTRICT Blue World City Islamabad

·       Affordable Plots-AWAMI BLOCK Blue World City Islamabad

Payment plan of AWAMI BLOCK Blue World City Islamabad

·       Affordable Plots-SPORTS VALLEY Blue World City Islamabad

Payment plan of SPORTS VALLEY Blue World City Islamabad


The purchase price of a plot depends on numerous factors, but location and infrastructure are usually decisive. The more liveable the site is and the better it is priced, and the deeper you have to dig into your pocket.

We can help you buy a plot within your budget and in the best locations in the city. Contact Smart Line Marketing for more details.

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