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Sports Valley is a great new block that Blue World City recently added to this housing society. As it is commonly known that Blue World City was initially designed and purposefully built as a tourist community, this block will be the most technologically advanced in society. The newest addition to Blue World City, Sports Valley, was created specifically for sports enthusiasts. This block is special because it offers cutting-edge sports facilities just outside your door. Therefore, the elite neighbourhood in Islamabad is your best option if you want to live next to a basketball court, mini golf course, or open-air gym. Besides this, purchasing a home in this block has a lot of benefits. The property rates in all these blocks are quite affordable due to the Blue World City discount offer. To avail of this BWC discount offer, reach out to smart line marketing.

Flexible Payment Plan for Blue World City Sports Valley:

BWC Sports Valley is appropriate for luxurious housing and living and has a range of sizes. The management has just released the following key measurements for the BWC Sports Valley residences:

• 05 Marla

• 08 Marla

• 10 Marla

• 01 Kanal

Payment plan of SPORTS VALLEY Blue World City Islamabad

The Society released the payment plan for this housing society in July 2022. Smart line Marketing, who is the approved partner of the BWC Housing Society, strongly recommends you invest in this housing society as this society will give you a high return on investment. 

Ideal Location:

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block can be found there. This building is located near the main entrance and provides easy access to Defence Road. The Overseas Block is also close by to this one. Every amenity, luxuries, and choice made available to the populace by this illustrious block will be unique and unheard-of.

The Sports Valley will be developed in a prime position that will attract patrons and investors by strengthening society’s geographic presence.

Blue Mosque in Sports Valley, BWC:

The majestic, original Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It not only serves as a mosque but also receives a considerable number of foreign visitors.

The Blue Mosque location was initially supposed to be adjacent to the Water Theme Park by the Blue World City management, but it has since been changed and is now a part of the Sports Valley Block.

Different sports facilities in BWC Sports Valley:

With today’s sedentary lifestyle, exercise facilities are essential to increasing outside activity. Considering that kid obesity rates are at all-time highs, marketing outdoor fitness equipment is a fun way to engage young people. Sports Valley has constructed outdoor gymnasiums with future residents’ healthy lifestyles in mind.

Cricket Stadium at BWC Sports Valley:

One of the most well-known sports in the world, cricket has been a recognized team sport for hundreds of years. It originated in Britain and is currently incredibly well-liked in countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and the West Indies.

Blue World City Nearby Landmarks

Due to its prime location, this city is very close to the main landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If we looked at the map, 

  • Capital Smart City
  • Mumtaz City
  • Khanial Homes
  • Star Argo farms
  • Top city, and University Town societies are located near this residential project. You can also reach the city easily by traveling through Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, and this society is also reachable via Ring road.

Blue World City Islamabad is located in close proximity to some of the major landmarks of Islamabad, including the New Islamabad International Airport, the proposed Ring Road, and the CPEC route. The project is also located near some of the most popular residential areas of Islamabad, such as Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. This makes Blue World City Islamabad an ideal choice for people looking for a luxurious lifestyle in a prime location.

In conclusion, Blue World City Islamabad is a world-class housing project that offers its residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in a prime location. The project’s flexible payment plans and world-class facilities make it an ideal choice for people looking to invest in real estate in Islamabad. So, if you’re looking for your gateway to a luxurious lifestyle, look no further than Blue World City Islamabad.


Different outdoor entertainment venues improve the quality of life for locals and increase a community’s wealth. With rising urbanization, cities are constantly seeking better ways to provide residents with outside areas and activities. The Sports Valley block of Blue World City is unique in that it offers all sports facilities along with a luxurious lifestyle. 

 The block provides a variety of entertainment demands dependent on the surrounding community and includes a wide variety of activities and amenities to keep visitors of all ages engaged and busy for the day.

Moreover, the parks have playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, ball fields, volleyball courts, nature trails, and other features. Community parks frequently contain activity areas, buildings, and other auxiliary facilities including restrooms, rest areas, event spaces, indoor entertainment areas, and stop attendants who work on-site.

There will be recreational spaces in the neighbourhood that will help the locals create a daily plan and a tendency to exercise. Additionally, the investors will experience delightful and more natural life in the neighbourhood. Therefore, this investment will help you achieve your high-end lifestyle and fitness goals.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ).

Q1-What is the location of this housing society?

Blue World City is situated at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

Q2-Who owned the project of Blue World City?

Saad Nazir who is also the CEO of BGC owned this housing society.

Q3-Is Blue World City Islamabad approved?

Blue World City received its legal status from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on 19 February 2019. This housing society’s official letter of NOC is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148.

Q4-How long will it take to develop?

Work on the project has already begun, and it will take four to five years to complete, according to sources

Q5-What are the instalment plan of this society?

Each block of this housing project has different plot prices but all the block offers three to four years’ instalment plan.

Q6-Does RDA approve Blue World City?

Yes, Blue World City is approved by RDA, and its official letter number is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/14

Q7-Is Blue world city safe?

Yes, it is a safe and secure society and is a gated community.

Q8-When Did Blue World City Start?

On 19 February 2019, RDA gave official permission to the developers of Blue World City to start construction on 427 Kanal.

Q9-Is Blue World City Reliable?

Blue World City Owners and Developers claim it to be a reliable society, with good return on investments.

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