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Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City will serve as a model for modern private enterprise. It is Pakistan’s second Smart City. Lahore Smart City will rank as the 22nd smartest city in the globe in the interim. Lahore Smart City would probably provide you with a tonne of conveniences that make it a modern endeavour with effective continual undertaking Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Primary Boulevard, which is 3000 feet long and 150 feet wide for easy traffic, is finishing up quickly in the broader public. A dedicated nursery is put up to accommodate the development of numerous plant species while providing the requirement of an eco-friendly climate. Lahore Smart City has been successfully implemented, and growth is moving forward at its quickest rate.

According to information provided by Lahore Smart City’s engineers, this private endeavour has successfully acquired around 20,000 kanal of smoothed-out property over the Lahore By-pass. The NOC of Lahore Smart City has been authorised by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), which is fantastic news for SMART LINE MARKETING’s esteemed readers and clients. It is being created in partnership with future development holdings Pvt. Ltd. (FDHL) and is being constructed under the prestigious direction of Habib Rafiq. The most well-known developer in the real estate sector, Surbana Jurong (SJ), is one of the other developers. These developers are working together on a novel project: a capital smart city. Its placement on the Lahore Bypass is its key feature. Lahore Smart City is the finest project for investors because of its unique ideas, modern lifestyle, artistic viewpoints, and careful planning and execution. Among the many amenities offered by Lahore Smart City, the payment plan is one of the best.

Owners and Developers:

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd and Future Development Holdings (PVT) Ltd collaborated to create Lahore Smart City. Big Pakistani real estate developers go by these names. They are well-known throughout the nation as a result of their significant initiative.

The popularity of projects is greatly influenced by developers. Before making an investment, people frequently consider the developers, particularly in real estate developments. The Lahore Smart City is being built with the best guidance of renowned developers. It is a cooperative effort between Surbana Jurong (SJ) and future development holding privately limited Habib Rafiq. Every developer involved with Lahore Smart City is well-known and well-respected in Pakistan’s real estate sector. Due to its services, consultations, and construction history spanning more than 70 years, Surbana Jurong Group (Singapore) is well known on a global scale. More than 16000 highly qualified architects, designers, policymakers, and engineers operate in 120 offices throughout Singapore. The renowned group is dispersed across 40 nations.

About Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd.

In the last ten years, HRL has established itself as a leader in the housing and infrastructure industries. HRL has attained a prominent place in Pakistan’s constantly expanding real estate market. In the interim, HRL made significant design associations public for the first time ever in order to advance infrastructure and housing development. In light of its well-earned reputation and ardently earned trust, HRL stands out today and stands tall among its competitors.

Developments plans

Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is otherwise called FDHL. It’s an accomplice consortium enrolled under the Companies Ordinance 1984. At the end of the day, a few public and global firms have held hands for the rise of the new world’s driving association. It’s Real Estate Developer and Asset Management Company working in Pakistan. Likewise, FDHL has confidence in making incorporated networks. FDHL is building confidence in smart cities and housing societies. Such urban areas will prompt worldwide rules of manageability along with incredible affordable and professional devotion. These communities are built with strategic investments, advanced metropolitan arranging, hello their tech offices, hi-tech facilities, and life cycle assets management.


When making land investments, space is a crucial consideration. Prior to speculating, a land financier must consider the benefits and drawbacks of a property’s location. The projected area of LSC is well positioned to be associated with substantial street organisations to and from Lahore, similar to Capital Smart City Islamabad. The Lahore Smart City’s intended location will be near Lahore By-Pass Street, which is easily accessible via the N5 GT Road and the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2).

Given its easy access from the main Lahore city region, the projected area of Lahore is genuinely exceptional in the district. Veterans of the land have been invited to the launch of Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City is 5 minutes drive from the new UET Lahore campus, which is situated on the western side of the housing estate. DHA Lahore, one of the best housing societies, and Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport are about 18 minutes drive apart.

Location is always an essential part of the real estate industry. It is because the location decides the price of the property. When you invest in Lahore smart city you will have the edge of its prime location. It is located at the Lahore bypass, linked to the GT and motorway road of Lahore-Sialkot. The Lahore smart city location and accessibility of the community from different important routes make it a reliable and attractive investment option.


When a property is easily accessible from a number of points, its value rises and more people begin to believe in and invest in those homes or housing projects. Similarly, Lahore Smart City is close to numerous significant thoroughfares and highways. For instance, it is situated near the Lahore Bypass and is only a 10-minute drive from the M2 and M11 motorways. Other than that, the distance to Allama Iqbal International Airport is 30 minutes. The housing community is very close to the Lahore ring road and GT Road, both of which are accessible in under 20 minutes. For purchasers and investors, it is worth the investment because of all these accessible locations from the housing society.

  • The project is located at the Lahore bypass.
  • M2 and M11 are 10 minutes’ drive away from the project.
  • Allama Iqbal Road is 30 minutes away from the project.
  • The Lahore ring road is 20 minutes away from this project.

Nearby Landmarks:

Other than critically accessible locations, some places are close to Lahore smart city, such as

Master Plan:

A covered land area of 20,000 kanals is included in the Lahore Smart City master plan. The housing society in Pakistan wants to provide its citizens with high living standards. The entire project is being overseen by talented civil engineers, gifted architects, brilliant planners, and real estate developers.

The Lahore Smart City Lodging Society has made pre-dispatch offers to the general public for private plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The number of these plots is limited. The residential general block, foreign block, financial square, education district, health district, Silicon Valley, sports district, and executive block would all be present in Lahore Smart City, just like Capital Smart City.

While locals would have the ability and flexibility to save their plots in Executive Block and Private Square, only overseas Pakistanis who meet all standards will be able to reserve a plot there. The following land sizes are planned for Lahore Smart City’s executive and abroad blocks:

The Lahore Smart City executive block, the Lahore Smart City sports district, the Lahore Smart City education district, the Lahore Smart City theme park, the Lahore Smart City Silicon Valley, the Lahore Smart City mosque, and the Lahore Smart City healthcare district are just a few of the different blocks that make up the master plan.

Lahore Smart City Sports District:

Lahore Smart City is concerned about its resident’s mental and physical health. That is why the sports district is built to make sure every resident is having a good time in the city. And to make sure of this, sports valley is offering sports clubs, a cricket stadium, race tracks etc. for the resident’s health. 

Lahore Smart City Education District: 

As the name suggests, the education district is available for residents so that they can have international-level education. The classrooms have modern furniture and better libraries with so many international and national books written by different authors. It is to make sure that everyone is having an international standard of education and knowledge. 

Lahore Smart City Theme Park:

Lahore Smart City introduces theme parks for the kids so they can enjoy their leisure time. The theme park has swings, a bird park, a street food truck and a holiday resort so families can enjoy it with their kids. 

Lahore Smart City Executive Block:

Just like any other residential block of the Lahore Smart City housing society, this block will have residential houses and apartments, mosques, retail shops, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and a hypermart. The only difference will be that the amenities present in this block be a little fancier than the general block and plots in this block will be more expensive.

Lahore Smart City Overseas Block:

The overseas block is the residential block of the housing society. It comprises of residential plots and residential villas. Only people who are living out of Pakistan or have dual nationality can apply for a place in the overseas block. The overseas block will be built with all the amenities which people can enjoy in a foreign country. Mosques, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants, shops, and education institutes are available inside the block.

Lahore Smart City Commercial:

Commercial plots of Lahore smart city is also a better place for investment as you can get a better rate may of return on investment. The commercial plots covered a large area at a prime location and offered so many facilities to residents. The plot category for commercial plots is as under:

Payment plans

Lahore Smart City Islamabad offers various payment plans to cater to the needs of investors. The instalment plan allows investors to pay in instalments over a period of time, while the down payment plan requires a large down payment upfront and the remaining amount can be paid in instalments. The easy payment plan is designed to make it easy for investors to pay in instalments without any hassle.


  • eco-conscious city
  • a greater degree of security
  • sterile, green surroundings
  • transit bus system
  • Subterranean electricity
  • 24-hour access to power, gas and water
  • Smart software and apps, such as visitor location, weather prediction, power, and internet
  • Numerous luxury hotels, shopping malls, sports stadiums, neighbourhood clubs, and nightclubs
  • modern and clever home facilities programme
  • exemplary infrastructure
  • Special block for overseas
  • Jamia and a neighbourhood mosque
  • parks and lovely lakes
  • recreation in deserted areas
  • a golf course and a riding stable
  • Restaurants and resorts
  • The M2 highway connects Lahore with Islamabad.
  • close proximity to important Lahore locations

One of Pakistan’s best-emerging societies is the smart city of Lahore. It includes many more life-saving amenities, a great location, and approval from the relevant authorities. It also provides a flexible payment schedule. The location of Lahore’s smart city makes investing there appealing to both buyers and investors. Residential and commercial plots in Lahore’s smart city persuade purchasers to invest and protect their savings.


The optimum rate of return on investment will be provided by it. The residential and business plots are appealing and reasonably priced, as is their payment schedule. Therefore, save time and get in touch with lead marketing to confirm your reservations for commercial and residential plots in Lahore Smart City. The staff can provide you with information about the Lahore Smart City Payment Plan.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ).

Q -What is Lahore Smart city?

Lahore Smart City is the housing society, which will be the first smart housing society in Lahore. It will offer residential and commercial plots

Q -Is it similar to Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Lahore Smart City will comprise of similar facilities as Capital Smart City Islamabad. In fact, it will have more innovative features than the previous smart city

Q -Is the housing society launched yet?

No, Lahore Smart City is not launched yet.

Q -How credible are Lahore Smart City Developers?

The developers of Lahore Smart City are Habib Rafiq Limited – HRL. The group enjoys an impeccable reputation in Pakistan as they have myriad real estate projects completed and delivered. HRL has previously delivered turnkey urban settlement projects for DHA, Bahria Town, and the Government of Pakistan

Q -What are the payment options for Lahore Smart City?

The initial booking of a plot in Lahore Smart City is done through online remittance or pay order made in favour of Future Development Holdings. The subsequent instalments are also paid through cash to the management of Lahore Smart City. For more details and customizing your payment plan, get in touch with Smart Line Marketing.

Q -What is the rate of plots in Lahore Smart City?

Plots in Lahore Smart City can easily be bought on instalments. Payment plans and rates of plots are given in the article.

Q -How to buy a plot in Lahore Smart City?

Limited plots are available in Lahore Smart City on a first come first serve basis. Booking in Lahore Smart City starts from as low as 10%. For now, the residential plot sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available. For more details, get in touch with Deal & Deals and one of our Lahore Smart City specialists will guide you through the booking process. It is best to contact Smart Line marketing directly for updated pricing information.

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